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Expertise Matters

Founder, Matthew Jubelius has been passionately involved in simulation education, immersive training and people development since 2010.

Our team has provided expertise and consultation for industry, education and government across North America. We have received recognition and awards for leadership in simulation-based training and have facilitated thousands of immersive experiences.

"Our vision is to take employee development, training and human performance to the next level for our clients. Our solutions build teams, inspire performance, improve systems and create safer workplaces.

We recognize that each of our client needs are different and we are passionate about delivering outstanding results."

Quality Improvement

Why We Exist

Immersive experiences and simulations are the future of training, learning and development. 

Amoveo Training was created to meet the development needs of today's employee. Immersive experiences engage and help people retain their training.

We're a departure from traditional pencil-and-paper learning and use art, science, education, management, psychology, data, and analytics through immersive scenarios as part of a successful and comprehensive employee development programs.

We are passionate about helping people excel.

 We are a pre-qualified service provider under the Government of Alberta Education in the areas of Management Consultative Services, Human Resource Programs Services, and Performance Measurements & Planning Consultative Services.

Quality Improvement

Our Specialties

We specialize in:

Immersive Experiences 

(including special effects)

Performance-based Debriefing and Feedback

Customized Task Trainers for Healthcare and Safety Education

Consulting and Program Development

We design immersive scenarios such as recognizing unsafe work, a medical emergency, threatening situation and other organization-specific needs.

Our core sectors of expertise are in staff development, immersive education, corporate training, people management and coaching.​ 

We work across numerous industries including education, healthcare, safety, industrial and manufacturing, law enforcement, military defence, and corporate environments.

We design employee solutions that work.

Employee Development and Retention

We develop solutions that work.

A Fresh Perspective on Development

We deliver amazing results and bring the best possible learning experiences to your organization.

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