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Education and Quality Improvement

Our Services

We design immersive experiences and create employee development programs through simulation education. Our metrics and feedback are used for quality improvement.

In helping develop people, we use performance-based feedback in our simulation, debriefing and coaching sessions.  

Each business has different needs. Our solutions are customized to meet unique client goals in quality improvement organization.

We work across numerous industries including:

First Response

Industrial Training

Healthcare, Nursing and Medical Simulation

Simulated Wound Care Prototyping


Corporate Development


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Comprehensive Solutions: Planning for Future Development

Our solutions can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business and improve your operations.

We utilize data sources to understand how employee development can be designed to help people perform at their best. We use this information to provide our clients with the best possible information to plan for future organizational and business needs.

Our approach is collaborative and we  achieve outstanding results for our clients.

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Testimonials (and nice things that people say about us)

"Matthew, I commend you for your work and your advocacy on behalf of patients for safe and quality health care."

The Honorable Sarah Hoffman, 

Deputy Premier 

and Minister of Health

Government of Alberta

“We have had the pleasure of using Amoveo Training’s services and had an outstanding experience with Matthew and his team! They provided exceptional service, expertise, friendliness and truly care about helping build great communities! Amoveo Training helped take our vision to the next level & offered critical support throughout the project.”

Jackie Velcoff, Executive Director HALO (Helicopter Assisted Lift Operations) 

"Amoveo approaches learning and development in a truly unique manner and understands individual client needs for safety and continuing development." 

Janice Oulett, Managing Director

The CFO Solution


First Response

Our team members have designed simultaneous training scenarios and offered performance-based debriefing for an industrial organization that wanted to take their emergency response teams to the next level. Members of the first response teams had experience ranging from 2 to 33 years and feedback was so positive that workers and families let us know about the impact even six months after the training experiences. 

Nursing Education: Task Trainers

We have worked with a Canadian health region to create complex and very realistic task trainers for nursing education and training.

Power Engineering

Our team members have worked with power engineering instructors who wanted to deliver occupational health and safety legislation in an engaging way to pre-licensed students.  We partnered with an educational technology service team and designed a first-person simulation training experience regarding an inexperienced worker's right to refuse potentially unsafe work. The design included multiple decision-making points within the scenario which allowed the student to make choices based on the changing simulation.  Our team also worked with the instructor to debrief the exercise and measured the quality of the experience.

We're Big-Picture Thinkers

We think about people, systems and how they interact with each other.

We strive for excellence.

We deliver outstanding results.

We are a pre-qualified service provider under the Government of Alberta Education in the areas of Management Consultative Services, Human Resource Programs Services, and Performance Measurements & Planning Consultative Services. 

Immersive experiences are the future

of employee development and training and are proven to increase safety and teamwork.

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Q: What is a Simulation?

A: A simulation is the replication of a system. It can be physical (such as a wound), an environment (such as a building) or emotional (using specific behaviors) to model an experience.  There can be several systems during the course of a simulation or immersive experience.

Q: Why don't you have a traditional office for training?

A: We model training experiences as close as possible to the real environment.  People know their surroundings, equipment and are generally more comfortable. People don't have to waste time learning how to work foreign devices or learn new building layouts that aren't relevant to the training objectives and outcomes.

Q: Why do you carry a product line of simulated wounds?

A: Many of our customers are involved in medical simulation, healthcare and safety training. Our realistic products are a flexible solution that can easily be purchased online.