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Realistic, Effective and Customized

Our task trainers and simulated tissues are customized and designed in various sizes and shapes to meet your needs. 

Our simulation products actually respond to treatment such as negative pressure wound therapy and other nursing interventions. Tested at the highest clinical levels, our products perform.

Looking for specific body parts? We have you covered. 

All products are made from medical-grade materials that are certified skin-safe, durable and reusable. 

We take simulation education to the next level of realism.

Simulated wounds that are responsive and help healthcare and safety training.

Realistic Tissue Movement

Human Tissue is Responsive and Textured

Tired of looking for task trainers that are plastic, don't feel like human tissue and don't respond to treatment? Read on.

Our simulated tissues look and feel just like human tissue, which is very important for medical, nursing and safety training. The epidermal layer is textured, the subcutaneous layer and wound beds are amazingly detailed.

Tested and approved by hospital-based wound educators, our tissues respond and perform at the highest level of clinical education.

Outstanding Products Matter

Realism and safety are our priorities. 

Our tissues are designed to be flexible and durable while responding to the use of medical and nursing treatments.

Healthcare simulation, simulated tissues, simulated wounds, wound education.

We're Changing the Way Simulated Tissues are Designed

Let's Build the Perfect Products Together

Each organization is different and has specific training needs. Some training programs focus on deep tissue wounds and therapies, others focus on trauma and bleeding management, while others specialize in ulcer management. 

We believe that designing the perfect solution is a collaborative effort and work with your team to develop products that everyone can benefit from. Results include the perfect educational and training products that your teams will use.

Patient care and wound management are very complex. Our tissues will help your team demonstrate the next level of proficiency and safety.

All products are made with medical grade silicones that are certified skin-safe, durable and reusable.

Why? Safety for Everyone

After observing many unsafe and scary DIY attempts out there in order to save a few dollars, we knew that something needed to be done.

Healthcare education is about patient safety, but also about learner safety.

Creating effective and safe training products is another way that we're proud to contribute and evolve healthcare education.

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